About Zoofy

We are here to help you book a top craftsman as quickly as possible for all your small jobs in and around the house. Stop calling! Just make an appointment directly with one of our thousands of professionals. That saves a lot of hassle.

When was Zoofy founded

Zoofy was founded in 2015. A sister of the founder could not find a mechanic in Amsterdam who could help her quickly with a heating problem. Ten calls later, she finally spoke to a heating mechanic who was willing to come by. But yes......then at far too high a call-out fee and only in four days. "That has to be easier," thought founder Arthur de Leeuw. Zoofy started not much later as a kind of emergency alarm for professionals. People in need could reach available plumbers, central heating mechanics, electricians and other specialists at the push of a button. At first only in Amsterdam. A year later throughout the country. Meanwhile, we have expanded the number of specialties and there are more than 7,000 professionals or handymen nationwide ready for you. Our team inspects every tradesman who applies before he is included in our network. Then we keep a close eye on all jobs. Does something go wrong? Then we do our best to always get the job done to your satisfaction. All in all, we offer a service that makes life a little easier.

Where to follow Zoofy

Curious as to what distinguishes us from similar parties? Read it in this blog. You can also follow us on the Zoofy Facebook page or via the Zoofy Instagram page.