The most common paint jobs

You want to paint yourself, but it is too far away for you? Or have you never been good at painting inside the lines? Even if there are many do-it-yourselfers who go to work themselves, the real painter is still a profession. Without the right experience, it’s easy to screw up (paint) it. Of course, you want the paint to last a long time and have a good protective coating. Hiring a painter at Zoofy is cheaper in the long run than picking up a brush yourself. Painting work that often occurs is: painting window frames, painting ceilings, spraying latex, painting a facade, painting baseboards, painting a door, spraying walls, but also painting exterior walls. Painters are also often used to paint the stairs when renovating stairs.

What does a painter cost?

We all prefer to look for a cheap painter for 49 euros an hour. But if you check yourself out, you know you won’t find a dead winner for it. Of course, you want a professional who knows what he / she is doing. You don’t want a painter who cares about everything and messes up your palace. If you want the best result, let an experienced professional do the painting. In our opinion, a painter with a lot of knowledge and experience deserves a healthy hourly rate. Our Zoofy craftsmen-painters ensure that your house looks great again, down to the smallest detail. Also, when hiring a painter through Zoofy, it helps to look at the bigger perspective. It will save you the hassle of finding a painter, you won’t have to waste your vacation, and it will save you tons of time. All tools are available to our painters. Buying or renting materials is also no problem for you. In addition, a Zoofy painter does the job with two fingers up his nose. And even then, it will likely get the job done twice as fast. Is the job done? The painter takes all waste and materials back with him, so that you can shine in your new, freshened palace straight away. And on top of that, all painters are insured with Zoofy. This comes in very handy if your property is accidentally covered in paint. Quality is very important to us. That is why we offer the “perfect” guarantee. This guarantee means that if you are not satisfied in any way, we will always work together to find a solution. In addition, your workplace is insured up to 2.5 million euros. How much time and energy did you save? It’s worth more than a painter for 49 euros an hour, isn’t it?

Cost overview for painting work

See below in the cost overview of what a painting job costs.

Type of paintwork Price from € 49 per hour including VAT
Emergency service € 56

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