Looking for a heating engineer

Find a heating engineer on Zoofy: this is how it works!

Are you looking for a heating engineer near you? You will definitely find one here. Simply register on our portal and enter the desired city. You will then see the best offers and can contact the providers. Ask about all important points, such as the duration of the installation and the heating installer costs.

If your city is not listed, that’s no problem. We are active in several large cities in the Ruhr area. Therefore, we can assign a heating installer to you in any case. Even very close to you!

What kind of work does a heating installer offer?

A heating installer offers many different types of work, such as:

    • Installing heating and air conditioning systems
    • Install plumbing
    • Repair water systems
    • Install and replace bathtubs and shower stalls
    • Install solar panels.

If you need a heating installer for another job, you can contact the different suppliers directly to find out if they will undertake it. We arrange tradesmen at fair and affordable prices. And the whole thing is completely free of charge for you. You only have to pay the heating installer costs, there are no other costs for you!

High quality at fair heating installer costs

The tradesmen we refer on our portal always deliver excellent results. Because at Zoofy, all providers are checked for their qualifications and, of course, their licences. Only when both have been proven are they allowed to register with us as heating installers and offer their services. This is how we guarantee that you as a customer will always find a satisfactory result.

But despite the fair and affordable prices, you don’t have to fear any compromises in terms of quality. On the contrary, every heating installer in the vicinity that you find on our portal is always anxious to provide you with a flawless and satisfactory result. After all, he is rated for his services!

Therefore, it is also in his interest to do a good job! Because only then will he be rated well by customers and recommended to others.

Heating installer costs: what else is important to consider?

Before you start thinking about the costs of a heating engineer, you should consider what work you would like the craftsman to carry out. The more concrete your ideas are, the easier it is for the different providers to calculate the heating engineer costs and inform you about them. Therefore, always take enough time and think about what work needs to be done.

Get several offers!

The journey also plays an important role. It is always worthwhile to hire a heating installer from the region. This way, they can be on site more quickly to carry out any necessary improvements and advise you.

How high are the heating engineer costs on average?

How high the heating installer costs ultimately turn out to depend on various points. However, these are either based on hourly rates or on so-called standard rates. The latter include all services of the heating installer as well as the material costs. If a provider works according to hourly rates, these must be paid additionally. The hourly rate can be determined by the providers themselves, according to the so-called principle of freedom of contract.

If it is a large order, you should try to agree on a fixed price with the chosen heating installer. This means that you only pay the agreed amount and do not have to worry about any additional costs. An agreed fixed price is binding for both sides, for you as well as for the heating installer. The average hourly rate is around 50 to 60 euros.

How can I recognise a good heating installer?

In order to find a good heating installer, you should pay attention to different points. Also, look at how long the company has been in business. Because if the provider has been active on the market for many years, he will certainly have some references on our portal. You can also visit the homepage of the craftsman and see if it is maintained and up to date. If it was obviously only created sporadically and there are no contact details, you should rather decide on another provider.


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