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FonQ & Zoofy announce collaboration

Home furnishing store fonQ has recently started offering a new service. The company collaborates with platform Zoofy, allowing customers to have products assembled at home. Read Here

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Praxis and Zoofy announce cooperation

Because customers don't just DIY but also like to have chores done, Praxis is partnering with Zoofy's network of handymen.   Read Here


A good year for the craft platforms

It was a good year for the do-it-yourselfer, but also for contractors and the so called 'craft platforms'. Arthur de Leeuw is the founder of Zoofy, one of those craft… Read Here


Doing jobs without finishing

As many as 70% of people have unfinished chores at home that just keep lying around. It is a major source of irritation at home. Read the article here. Read Here


One billion cubic metres of gas up for grabs

With a simple intervention, we can all use 10% less gas immediately. Start tuning your central heating - adjusting the heating system to the water level - on a massive… Read Here


Insurer comes up with handyman help for the do-it-yourselfer

Together with Zoofy, Centraal Beheer helps people to quickly find a good professional for their jobs in and around the house that they do not have time for, do not… Read Here


Installer is king of emergency jobs

Installers make the most profit in case of urgency. De top 5 of emergency jobs consists out of plumbers and installation work and the hourly rates have gone up between… Read Here


“In the on-demand economy we have algorithm as our boss”

Almost everyone has been in an Uber by now. And if not, you can probably find other on-demand apps. To what extent do these types of apps affect our lives… Read Here


“I see innovation as the method to future success”

Insurance company Vivat receives two awards for its collaboration with start-ups such as Zoofy. A conversation with board chairman Ron van Oijen. You can read the article here. Read Here


BNR Doing business with Zoofy

The plumber or electrician will be on your doorstep within a few hours for that one urgent job. The Dutch start-up Zoofy is working hard with that promise. The company… Read Here


Interview: startup Zoofy wants to (re)order the DIY market

That you need a plumber right now because your drain is clogged and the first handyman available won't come until next Wednesday. It is a well-known phenomenon for which Zoofy… Read Here


Outsource chores for more happiness

Free time makes you happier than buying stuff, according to recent research. Yet too few Dutch people are still aware of this, the FD writes. You can read the article… Read Here


Substantial capital injection for DIY site Zoofy

Startup Zoofy, an intermediary between 700 professionals and thousands of private customers, has secured a new strategic partner with Momentum Capital that is investing heavily in the rapidly growing platform… Read Here


Need a handyman urgently? Order it as easy as a…

Have the pipes burst, are you rather clumsy yourself and does your guy have two left hands? Go to Zoofy.nl like crazy: a handyman will be at your door in… Read Here


BNR interview with Zoofy founder Arthur de Leeuw

From poverty and famine in Africa to leaking taps in the Netherlands. Arthur de Leeuw was an Africa correspondent for many years, but returned to follow his other dream: becoming… Read Here


A plumber within 2 minutes, press the alarm button

Finding a good professional online is still quite a job. Because before you know it, you're only paying intermediaries for your own search. Former RTL colleague Arthur de Leeuw is… Read Here