installation service with Zoofy

With the assembly service from Zoofy, customers can immediately enjoy their new purchase on When a customer orders a product on, the Zoofy assembly service is displayed as a supplement in the shopping cart. The customer then pays for the product + the installation at The installation service from Zoofy is also available as a separate product on - at a fixed price and with a guarantee on a good installation.

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Why become a partner of Zoofy

Increase sales

Increase sales and average order value by allowing customers to add installation to their purchase.

Improve the experience

Drive conversion by removing friction for customers who don’t buy products without installation solutions.

Increase market share

Reach new customers who turn to you instead of the competition for convenience.

How does the Zoofy assembly service work?

Customers can easily order assembly services online

Reach new customers who turn to you instead of the competition for convenience.

Customers confirm the appointment

Customers can choose exactly when they want their booking to take place, and easily schedule and manage appointments online via the Zoofy app or website.

Recognized professionals perform the job on the agreed date and time

Zoofy only works with highly regarded professionals. After the assembly job, customers can leave a review for the professional.

Become a partner of Zoofy

Do you also want to provide your customers with an additional service? Then choose the installation service of Zoofy. Fill in the form and our Partnership Manager will contact you as soon as possible.

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