Terms and conditions

The conditions apply to the use of Zoofy. By placing a job request you agree to the following.  

Article 1. In these conditions, the following definitions apply:

  1. We/us: Zoofy BV, established in Amsterdam, registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 63693771
  2. You / your: the natural person or legal entity who, as a client, uses Zoofy to find a professional.
  3. Professional: a registered company with the Chamber of Commerce that confirms your job request and who carries out the jobs
  4. Agreement: the agreement that arises between you - the client - and the professional because you give the order to a professional through Zoofy to perform a job.

Article 2. What is Zoofy?

  1. We have set up the website Zoofy.nl for you to ensure that you quickly find the right professional for your job in and around the house.
  2. We have selected odd jobs on our site that you can have performed. We show all prices incl. VAT. The rates that we show are always exclusive of any materials to be used and other incidental costs, unless stated otherwise.
  3. When selecting a job, enter your details so that the professional who accepts your requests has the correct address and telephone number.
  4. We only release your data to the professional who picks up your job at the time you choose (day and time block). We do not previously share your information.
  5. The moment you submit your job application, these conditions apply. As soon as your job request has been confirmed, an agreement will be concluded between the professional and you - the client -, subject to article 2 paragraph 6.
  6. After submitting your job application, we will send your job request to the professionals in your area who are eligible to help you with the job at the time you indicated. As soon as a professional accepts your job request, you will receive a confirmation of the appointment by e-mail (and sms in case of emergency).
  7. We do our best to find a professional for the moments (day and time) that you enter in your job application. It is possible that this does not work. Sometimes all craftsmen are too busy and the empty spots in the diary are scarce. We will inform you of this and, if possible, come up with an alternative. It is of course up to you whether you want to use it.
  8. We assume that the job that you have selected (and describes) is also the job that you want done. If that differs too much from each other, the professional can sell you a NO or adjust the rate. In the most extreme case (and in case of misuse) we will charge 1 hour extra.
  9. All professionals on zoofy.nl are screened by us in advance. In most cases we have also personally spoken to the affiliated professionals. We always do our utmost best to admit only reliable professionals to our platform. However, we cannot give a 100% guarantee. After completing every job we therefore ask about your experience. Your opinion counts in the decision whether professionals are offered DIY jobs through our platform.

Article 3. What are the costs?

  1. For each job you can retrieve the current prices based on your zip code. Depending on the type of job we show an hourly rate, a fixed price, square meter price, or a price per meter. All rates include VAT. Material, parking costs and any other costs are never included unless explicitly stated.
  2. Some jobs are offered as a 'fixed price'. You may therefore assume that the job is being carried out for that amount. It is possible that such a job becomes more expensive, for example because the actual situation does not match the description. Often this is because the problem is a lot more serious than expected or because after the start of the job something was discovered that was not known before the start. It is important that the professional informs you of this and gives you an explanation as to why it is becoming more expensive. As a client you always have to keep a finger on the pulse. That way you won't be confronted with surprises.
  3. Prices can vary per day and at any time and the amount depends on the moment you want to be helped. If you want to be helped the same day (rush), tomorrow, in the weekend or in the evening you usually pay more. Zoofy is entitled to change the prices at any time with the displayed rates on the website. This can happen, for example, in extreme crowds.
  4. We never charge call-out charges. We do, however, charge a service fee after completing a job. The current rate is shown for booking your job. This covers the costs that we incur to help you as quickly as possible to a professional. You have given permission for this when applying for the job.

Article 4. Payments

  1. After completing the job, the professional creates an invoice. You will receive this by e-mail. Together with the invoice you will immediately receive a payment request via Tikkie. You will also find an iDeal payment link with the invoice. Payment via bank transfer is also possible. You pay the invoice directly (or at the latest within 6 days after the job is done) to Zoofy.
  2. Direct payment to the professional is not permitted.
  3. You are only entitled to warranty, support, and mediation by us when the invoice has been paid to Zoofy. In the caseyou have extra work performed outside of Zoofy, you also lose the right to a guarantee.
  4. As a client, you are only entitled to temporarily suspend payment if you believe that the job has been done improperly. You must indicate within 72 hours of receiving the invoice - by means of a notice of default to the professional - why the payment will be suspended. The professional must always be given the opportunity to inspect the work so that he can determine whether or not defective work has actually been delivered and - if so - how this can be resolved.
  5. The professional may always charge for the first hour, even though the job may be less than one hour of work. Without this minimum order, it is not worthwhile for a professional to come to you for smaller jobs.
  6. The person making the request is considered by us to be the client and is therefore responsible for timely payment.

Article 5. Cancellation of a job request

  1. As long as a job request has not been picked up by a professional, you can cancel it without obligation.
  2. For all accepted (confirmed) jobs you cancel at least 48 hours before the start of the job. If you fail to do so, Zoofy will charge you the amount of the service fee. If the professional is already on his way to you, he may charge you 1 hour of labor plus the applicable service costs.
  3. You cannot cancel an accepted / confirmed urgent request for today or tomorrow. If you do this anyway, the professional will charge you 1 hour's wages plus the applicable service costs for lost income. This also applies if you "as a client" are not at home at the agreed time.
  4. If you place an urgent request and cancel it within 30 minutes of sending it without having been accepted by a professional, we will charge you the applicable service fee. We do this to prevent misuse of our service.
  5. You cannot cancel an urgent request free of charge between 6 p.m. and 8 a.m. In that case, we will continue to search for a professional and send a professional to you for the chosen rate.

Article 6. Reporting problems or complaints

  1. Zoofy does its utmost best to help you as well as possible. We also ask the affiliated home pro to carry out every job to complete satisfaction. Unfortunately, it can never be ruled out that something will not go completely right.
  2. The professional is responsible for the successful completion of a job. He accepts your assignment to work and is therefore liable for any damage suffered. Should you suffer damage as a result of his acts or omissions, you can only hold him liable for this, up to the amount that his liability insurance covers. But no higher than the direct damage suffered. Consequential damage is excluded from reimbursement.
  3. Zoofy is not a contracting party, but we do our utmost best to ensure that the relationship between professionals and you as a customer (client) runs smoothly. The mere fact that you receive an invoice on behalf of Zoofy does not change that.
  4. Zoofy does not tell the professional how to do his work. If you have doubts about his capabilities, immediately stop the work and contact us. That's what we are here for. We will then look for a solution together with you.
  5. If you are not satisfied with the end result, tell the professional immediately or report it to us within 72 hours of receiving the invoice. He (or she) must always, first of all, get a second chance to finish the job satisfactorily.
  6. In the event of a complaint, we will do our utmost best to ensure that you are satisfied. If that is no longer an option, you can get your money back in certain circumstances (see the next point). We call this our "money-back guarantee".
  7. The "money-back guarantee" means that we will refund a maximum of € 1,000 incl. VAT per job and never more than the amount that you have paid. The following agreements apply to this:
  8. a) If there are complaints and you cannot solve the problem with the home pr or the pro does not want to help you further, we may come to the site to see with our own eyes what is going on. There must actually be gross negligence or damage caused during the work by the professional.
  9. b) You give us the opportunity to solve the problem for you. Visiting and being able to have the job done properly or repaired by another professional affiliated with Zoofy is a condition for possible reimbursement.
  10. c) In the meantime, if another party solves the problem or if the professional has been paid directly, we can no longer play a role in any (refund) payment. We can then no longer find out exactly what happened.

Article 7. Other matters

  1. After complete completion of the job you have the option of submitting an assessment by the professional. We are very happy when you do this and it could well be that we even show your review outside our website. Because we are proud of it, or because we can learn from it. When posting a review you give permission to use your review on Zoofy.nl and other places (for promotional purposes).
  2. We assume that you submit an honest assessment. In case of doubt or in the case of unacceptable language, we may not allow the assessment. Based on customer reviews, we determine whether we can (continue to) offer craftsman jobs.
  3. We are constantly improving our website. It can therefore change at any time and not even be the same for everyone.
  4. To improve our website, we collect data. We do this with (first-party) cookies. That may sound a bit vague. But what it comes down to is that we don't know who you are, but we do know what you do on our website. And we do that for all visitors. This gives us a good insight into how our website is used.
  5. If you enter data with us for sending your job request, you always have the option of having adjustments made or even having them removed.
  6. Dutch law applies to our terms and conditions.
  7. In the event that one of the articles is invalid, this does not automatically mean that all articles can be considered invalid.
  8. We (Zoofy) can change the general terms and conditions at any time and is also entitled to implement these changes.
  9. If a situation occurs that is not described in our terms and conditions, Dutch law will apply at all times. We do not hope that it will happen, but if we meet in court, it is in Amsterdam.
  10. If you have questions about these conditions, feel free to ask. Send us an email at [email protected].

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